Hot Rod & Custom show Weekender 31st Aug to 2nd Sept 2018 at Stansted Park

In what will be our 41st year, we are pleased to announce that our Stansted House show will once again be a weekender in the stunning grounds of Stansted Park in Hampshire, following on the success of the 2017 show. We have received comments such as “This show should be a template for how other club shows are run” and “this is like the great fun shows I remember”. Thanks for your support!  

A camping weekend from 12 noon on Friday to 4pm on Sunday. There will be the usual marquee entertainment plus showers/posh toilets, and catering and bar of course. Prices are £30 a head until 1st June, rising to £35. Kids under 16 go free. 

Friday night:

 DJ’s playing Rock & Roll, Soul, Ska, Indie etc, plus band to be announced. 

Saturday day time:  

Relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Stansted Park, go for a ride on the scenic miniature railway as it meanders through the grounds, get lost in the Maze, and let the kids loose in the adventure playground. Why not visit the House, on site restaurant for a cream tea, the garden centre and craft shops?

At 1pm we will set off on a leisurely cruise through some nice open country roads. Back in time for tea on the lawn.

Saturday night:

Kicking off at 8pm – Band to be announced plus DJ 


Rise bleary eyed and park your ride in the show & shine field. The bar and catering will of course be open,  plus background and live music. Prize giving around 2.45pm and show is on until 4pm.

Day show cars are of course welcome on Sunday at £5 for a car with driver and £5 for each passenger.  As we have acres of space we are having an area for standard classic cars as well this year, so no one feels left out! see below*

Public entry is £8 per person on the Sunday. U16’s free.

Trader and sponsor enquiries are most welcome – just email us for further details.

Tickets are available from

*  No one likes rules, however we need a few to ensure we have the type of event that reflects our ethos:

This year due to demand, and the huge amount of acres we have at our disposal we have decided to have a dedicated classics area, so here we go….

Area 1

Hot Rods (pre-1949)

USA and Canadian built vehicles any age, standard or modified.  (Mexican built, such as PT Cruisers – see Area 2)

Pre 1976 Custom vehicles (inc:  Air cooled VW’s, Minors etc)

Display by South Coast Classic Fords

 Area 2

1977 to 1990 Non-USA Classic vehicles

“Supercars” eg: Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Bentley sports etc

Custom vehicles 1976 to 1990.

Unusual Retro/concept vehicles eg: PT Cruisers, Nissan Figaro etc


Choppers, Bobbers, Trikes, and Harley Davidson/Indian (of any age).  Classic bikes & scooters pre-1990 (will be on hardstanding – space permitting)

Please note that sound systems and constant revving of cars are not allowed – we have Dragster displays and our own musical entertainment thank you.  Speed limit on site 5 mph and no unnecessary movement of vehicles on the show field please. We reserve the right of entry.



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